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Business Plan

  • We Define customer value proposition (e.g. to solve customer problems and satisfy customer needs).

  • Using products/services OR

  • Digitized solutions (e.g. how best to leverage digital technologies to achieve your desired business outcomes).

  • Leverage: industry research and analysis to help you understand the competitive landscape.

  • Marketing plan (market analysis to determine customer segment, target market and USP).

  • Define: business vision and mission.

  • Business brand (core values and purpose).

  • Operations plan (e.g. identify business assets, key processes, resources, activities, partners to deliver Customer Value Proposition OR Digitized solution).

  • Financial plan (financial forecasts and statements to support your business model).

  • Implementation plan.

Business plan

Digital Transformation Strategy Development

  • We help businesses create an effective, efficient and sustainable digital transformation strategy

  • Adopt a customer oriented approach.


  • Transform business operations from analogue to a digital savvy business model.


  • Leverage digital technologies (mobile, social media, big data analytics and cloud) to strengthen competitive position.


  • Re-imagine and re-ignite customer value proposition through digital technology.


  • Leverage AI, IoT and Big data analytics to re-ignite or re-kindle customer experience.


  • Digitize customer experience, products & services and operations.

  • Transform organizational culture through strategy and leadership.


  • Adopt agile approaches to work.

Digital transformation strategy

Business Strategy Development

  • We help businesses create a business vision, mission and balance scorecard to measure overall business performance.

  • Market entry and growth strategies.

  • Craft business strategy: Customer Engagement or Digitized Solutions.

  • Integrate functional level strategies for distinct set of products and services to improve customer experience.


  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage in each line of business and appropriately integrate these businesses into the corporate whole.


  • Align various business strategies.


  • Organization design.

Business strategy
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