Lean Startup Digital Strategy

Business Plan RE:IMAGINED. 

  • Define customer value proposition (e.g. solve customer problems and satisfy customer needs).

  • Using products/services OR

  • Digitized solutions (e.g. how best to leverage digital technologies to achieve your desired business outcomes).

  • Leverage: industry research and analysis to help you understand the competitive landscape.

  • Marketing plan (market analysis to determine customer segment, target market and USP).

  • Define: business vision and mission.

  • Business brand (core values and purpose).

  • Operations plan (e.g. identify business assets, key processes, resources, activities, partners to deliver Customer Value Proposition OR Digitized solution).

  • Financial plan (financial forecasts and statements to support your business model).

  • Business Strategy and implementation plan.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

  • We help businesses create an effective, efficient and sustainable digital transformation strategy

  • Adopt a customer oriented approach.


  • Transform business operations from analogue to a digital savvy business model.


  • Leverage digital technologies (mobile, social media, big data analytics and cloud) to strengthen competitive position.


  • Re-imagine and re-ignite customer value proposition through digital technology.


  • Leverage AI, IoT and Big data analytics to re-ignite or re-kindle customer experience.


  • Digitize customer experience, products & services and operations.

  • Transform organizational culture through strategy and leadership.


  • Adopt agile approaches to work.


Digital Business Strategy

  • We help businesses create a digital business vision, mission and balance scorecard to measure overall business performance.

  • Craft digital business strategy: Customer Engagement or Digitized Solutions.

  • Integrate functional level strategies for distinct set of products and services to improve customer experience.


  • Create a sustainable competitive advantage in each line of business.


  • Align various business strategies.


  • Gain competitive advantage in each line of business and appropriately integrate these businesses into the corporate whole.


International Business Strategy

We help businesses create an effective and sustainable International business strategy.

Our strategy portfolio focuses on market entry strategies, business growth and expansion into a foreign market or country using digital technologies as a strategic lever. We conduct thorough research and analysis on market attractiveness and country specific advantages.

We begin the strategy design process by asking these simple questions to generate relevant strategic insight:

  • Why enter a foreign market?


  • Where to expand nationally, regionally and internationally?


  • When and how to enter a foreign market?


  • What are the risks? and


  • Are you getting the best return on investment (ROI)?


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